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Never count another carb, fat gram, or calorie again and lose up to a pound a day,

(sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less). The UnDiet is the result of years of research, and experimentation in the principles of food combining with whole foods and is well-documented by doctors, researchers and testimonials.

The UnDiet will help you to make losing weight easy, fun and most important - successful. Find out how hundreds of UnDieters are losing up to a pound a day without starving themselves, without taking pills, without counting carbs or fat grams. Learn how to use real food in easy-to-do combinations to achieve your weight and health goals.

If this is your first visit to the UnDiet site just follow the "Next Step" links at the bottom of each page. They'll lead you through the UnDiet plan in a logical order.

Somersizers, Zoners, Protein Power, Atkins, Sugar Busters: even though you may be familiar with one or more methods for combining and rationing fats, carbs, proteins, and starches, The UnDiet site will help you to work with each food group to get what you want out of your food and your life.

Discover the secret that hundreds of UnDieters have found: while this website contains all of the basic information that you'll need to be successful at losing weight, you can receive many more UnDiet Tools through the Step By Step E-Mail Program and the UnDiet Updates.

New Information: recipes; tips; product, book, food and popular diet reviews; information, new research and other resources will be available on an irregular basis (due to my travel schedule). Check back regularly to see What's New in the menu column to the left, look for Updated buttons in this menu and other menus throughout the site, or better yet ask to receive updated info via e-mail (much of this info will be available only through the UnDiet Update and will not be placed on this site).

NOTICE: In preparation for the UnDiet Recipes book this site will no longer have new recipes added to it . But don't despair - if you place yourself on the UnDiet Update list you'll recipe new recipes each month, many of which will not even be in the recipe book!

Don't bother slogging through this site: you can receive all of the information on this site and much, much more via weekly e-mails. The UnDiet Step By Step Program will show you how to:

lose weight without going hungry
lose weight faster than those on a calorie-restricted diet
lose weight and still enjoy modified versions of your favorite treats
lose 3-5 pounds over a weekend
lose weight while eating out
lose weight whether you prefer gourmet, take-out, or home cooked
when you don't have time to cook

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Unfortunately, we live in a lawsuit happy society, and so I post the following disclaimer:
Before undertaking any diet (even an UnDiet) or exercise program, one should seek the advice of a competent physician. The information on this page or any of the other pages connected to or linked to this page is not to be construed as medical advice. The author, Kathleane C. O'Leary, is in no way responsible or liable for any bodily harm, physical, mental, or emotional, that results from following any of the advice on these pages.