Fast Food Travel Card

You're in your car, on your way home with the kids and everybody is starving. McDonald's looks pretty good right about then, but what can you order and still stay on your UnDiet? The UnDiet's Fast Food Travel Card to the rescue!

With the Fast Food Travel Card you'll be able to order at over 2 dozen national fast food restaurants with the confidence that you won't be sacrificing your weight loss goals!

The Fast Food Travel Card condenses the information from the UnDiet Step By Step Weight Loss Program's four-part Fast Food with The UnDiet: menus from national fast food restaurants series into a laminated purse-size card. You'll never be caught short at a fast food restaurant again, wondering what to order.

Each travel card order comes as a set of two so that you'll always have one handy. Put one in your desk or briefcase and keep one in your glovebox and you'll never be caught short again.

Fast Food Travel Card Order Form

Print out this page and mail to address below.

# of Card Sets Ordered

$ Amount
1st set: $5.00 1 $5.00
2nd-5th sets: $4.00 apiece
6 or more sets: $2.00 apiece
Total Card Sets:
Total $ Amount:
Steppers deduct 50%
New Total:

Fill in address info only if this info is not on your check.
City: State: Zipcode:

If check is not from a U.S. bank then add $5.00 processing fee.


Mail to:

UnDiet, Att: Fast Food Travel Card, 2906 S. Diamond, Santa Ana,  CA  92704

along with a check made out to K.C.O. Services to cover the card sets you're ordering.

NOTE: Check must be made out to K.C.O. Services or it will be voided and you will be notified to send a replacement check, all of which takes a lot of time & postage stamps.

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