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Back to Eden, written in 1939 is a classic whole-foods, natural health book. Jethro Kloss advocated a diet high in fruits, vegetables and grains with minimal meats, caffeine, fats and sugars. This is a great book to have if you're a fan of Dr. Weil or Deepak Chopra. Jethro Kloss' health ideas that have stood the test of time. The home remedies are helpful, too. This is still a great reference for home health and has many recipes for alternative or substitute ingredients such as soy margarine and dairy-free cheeses. Read reviews and/or order this title

by Patti Bazel Geil / Paperback - 208 pages Reviewer: A reader from Greenville, SC - The recipes are quick and easy, as well as delicious. I took the Crockpot Vegetable Chili to a party last night and it got rave reviews. Haven't gotten the nerve to try the Blueberry Bean Muffins yet, but they're next on my list! Reviewer: A reader from Dallas, TX - I checked out this book from the library and tried some of the recipes in it. After having had great results with all of them, I knew I had to buy this book. I recently decided to ease into a vegetarian lifestyle and this book has made the transition a lot easier. Reviewer: A reader from Florida - My husband and I love this book. It has great low-fat recipes that are not too difficult to make, nor take too long to prepare. Probably the best bean book we've tried. Reviewer: A reader - Chef Dave says: This book is a very interesting read! For instance, did you know that the prominent families of ancient Rome were all named after beans! The recipes are listed next to nutrition guidelines which are easy to read and good to know. There is a reference guide in the back, and I wish they would have included some references for buying gourmet beans. The recipes themselves are simple to follow and don't require much juggling of pans . Read reviews and/or order this title

by Trish Ross, Jacqueline Trafford "Easy Beans...", now in its sixth printing, has over 100 fast, healthy and delicious bean, pea and lentil recipes. This book is for cooks who don't have time to soak themselves, let alone a bean. Summer is coming and Easy Beans Super Summer Salad recipes will be great to take on picnics, have with a barbecue or served for lunch with some great bread. Reviewer: A reader from San Francisco, CA USA - I have a bookcase full of cookbooks, BUT, "Easy Beans" and "More Easy Beans" are two of my top favorites. All the recipes I have tried are delicious, and best of all for a busy professional, quick and easy to make when I come home tired at the end of the day. As an MD interested in nutrition, I can heartily recommend the recipes in these books for the good of your heart. Well done, authors! Reviewer: Kim Gillis (see more about me) from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - This wonderful book took all the mystery out of cooking with all types of beans, peas and lentils. The recipes are versatile, nutritious and extremely simple to prepare. The authors' blurb at the beginning of each recipe is informative and quite often humourous. The Leek & Lentil Soup has now become a weekly favourite of both my family and co-workers!! And as a final added bonus, the binding lies flat on the counter for easy reading while cooking. What more could a busy chef ask for?! Reviewer: L Stevens from Vancouver BC Canada - As a fairly recently converted Vegetarian, I was THRILLED to discover "Easy Beans" and then, Joy!!, "MORE Easy Beans". These 2 have become my most-used ever Cook books. I have wowed friends and family with various soups, dips, casseroles, chilis, etc. etc. etc. Thank-you so much. More More Beans, please. Read reviews and/or order this title

by Wendy Esko, Gale Jack, Bettina Zumdick (Illustrator) ~ Paperback - 96 pages "Rice Is Nice" includes everything from basic pressure-cooked brown rice to rice and bean casseroles, rice croquettes, rice balls paella, rice porridge, mochi waffles, vegetables suchi, and more. Wendy Esko is one of the world's leading macrobiotic and natural foods cooks. She teaches cooking at the Kushi Institute and at seminars around the world. Wendy has authored or edited over a dozen cookbooks. She lives in Becket, MA with her husband and 8 children. Read reviews and/or order this title

by Craig Sams, Ann Sams (Contributor) ~ Paperback - 124 pages Reprint edition The healing effects of macrobiotic cooking based on the proper balance of whole foods are now widely recognized by both the medical establishment and culinary experts. A reader from Pleasanton, CA USA - The miso soup recipe is wonderful, and I'm hooked on the Risi i Bisi!!! It was recommended to me by a friend ... and now it's a staple in my kitchen. Recipes are relatively easy and very tasty. Reviewer: A reader from NY United States - I'm a vegetarian, not macrobiotic, but I love this book. This is the one I turn to when I don't want to cook something too complicated, but I want somthing healthy and delicious. The soup recipes are some of my favorites from any book. And I also like the writing, not just the recipes. Read reviews and/or order this title

by Marth Stewart Living

Meatless features 200 recipes—each accompanied by a gorgeous photograph—for full-fledged vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. You’ll find recipes for classics and new favorites, plus plenty of low-fat, vegan, and gluten-free options, too.

Review By Norma Lehmeierhartie - former chef

I tried the fresh pea hummus which was nice and light with great flavor and a nice change from chick pea hummus. The tortilla Espanola was delicious and made a terrific brunch. I also tried the baked artichoke with bread crumbs which was really good. The roasted beets, Edamame and arugula salad was delicious. I had never though of roasted edamame and they were terrific!

Review By Glassartist on January 15, 2013 Format: Paperback Verified Purchase I love to cook healthy meals, and this cookbook is wonderful. The recipes are done in typical Martha-style: nice photos, achievable techniques, easy-to-find ingredients, and appetizing dishes. To top it off, the nutritional info is included with each recipe. Well done!

by Marilyn Diamond / Paperback (October 1994)

The essential companion volume to Fit for Life is one of Warner's most popular diet and health cookbooks. Readers learn how to prepare and combine foods in a variety of great-tasting and healthful vegetarian dishes.

Reviewer: from Lancaster,CA - I started food combining to lose weight. Thanks to this book, I have not only lost the excess weight, but my energy level and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically, too. But , best of all, I AM NEVER HUNGRY.

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