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I don't like the chewy texture of dried Fruit, but it seemed to me that the possibilities of drying Fruit hadn't been fully explored. When I found and fell in love with banana chips I decided to start exploring other Fruits. I couldn't find any commercial dried Fruits other than banana chips that wasn't a jaw exercising chew so I fired up my oven and here are the crispy results.

I'll sometimes run a bunch of Fruit through the food processor slicer, pop them in the oven, then sit down to watch a video or after dinner movie. When the movie is over, the Wood Chips are done and I don't feel as if it took me much extra effort at all.

Wood Chips

The first time I made these I almost threw them away; they looked so unappetizing. They look like - well, like wood chips. But I picked one up with one hand while the other hand was opening the garbage can and immediately cancelled my plans to toss this treat. Now they won't rival the potato chip for flavor, but they have a light, crunchy mouth feel, they can be flavored with a myriad of spices, and they are the perfect "just a little something" snack to munch on between meals or while cooking dinner. What more can you ask for?

I must confess though that I get inconsistent results. More than once I've had to throw a batch of these away. You can buy these at some health food stores, and if I could find them without sugar I wouldn't bother making them. If anyone finds a source for apple chips (not the same as dried apples, these are crispy while dried apples are chewy) let me know - PLEASE!

This recipe is for 2 cookie sheets. If you can fit more into your oven or ovens, go ahead and do so.

Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Cut into quarters, core and peel it, then slice each quarter in half, slice each eighth into 8 slices

2 apples, try different varieties for vastly different finished products

Stack the slices and cut them in half so you end up with somewhat square apple pieces.

Lightly oil 2 cookie sheets, lining each one with apple pieces. Sprinkle with your choice of spice and dry in oven for approximately 2 hours. Turn after the first 1/2 hour, sprinkle again with spice. Check every 1/2 hour until apples are completely dry and crispy. They shouldn't be chewy at all.


sea salt
apple pie spice
pumpkin pie spice

Fruit "Trail Mix": mix Wood Chips with banana chips and raisins. I like to add dried pineapple chopped into raisin-sized pieces.

Banana Chips: use the same recipe, slicing the bananas into 1/8-inch thick slices. I haven't tried this yet, although I love the banana chips I purchase in bulk from the health food store. They're cheap enough that there's really no reason to prepare them at home, but I'll make some up next time I make Wood Chips and let you know how it goes. NOTE: I've since discovered that the reason that the banana chips I so love are crispy is because they've been deep-fried! Horrors! Will they ever stop trying to make junk food look like health food! They fool us for awhile, but eventually we find out and stop buying, except now we're angry and not buying. Don't they realize that an angry woman on a diet who's been fooled into eating something that sabotouges her weight loss is a formidable force?

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