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Irish author and craftsman Kathleane O'Leary's blog"An Irish Attic" is filled with hundreds of ways to re-use household items that you might otherwise have tossed in the trash. This blog will save you time and money. "An Irish Attic" is a practical blog that doesn't require artistic skill, special equipment or lots of time to bring to life the treasures stored within its pages.

The art of creating unique new items from ordinary household throw-aways takes creativity, time and lots of experimenting. In her blog"An Irish Attic" Kathleane O'Leary will share with you the results of years of crafting and hopefully spark new ideas in you that will grow beyond the confines of her writing.

raves from readers:
"I've used some of these ideas with my class. It's great because not only do my students not have to spend money on extra supplies, but I'm teaching them, hands on, how to care for the earth by recycling."  Patty - special education teacher

"I always hated throwing away things that I knew were recyclable, but figuring out what to do with them was beyond me. "An Irish Attic" showed me not only what to do but gave me great tips for keeping things organized." Kristy - graphic artist

"With four children and a fifth on the way I don't have a lot of time or money to spare. I don't know what I'd do without my weekly installment of "An Irish Attic". It's been a life saver when I've needed a gift fast ... I've used it to help decorate my new home. It's great!" Stacey - homemaker

An Irish Attic Blog
Find out how to save money on Valentine cards and gifts. After Valentine's Day find fun and easy ways to recycle your candy boxes and cards.

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"An Irish Attic" takes you from bottle caps to yarn with ideas and projects that will make you wish you had access to this blog years ago.

"The only bad thing I can say about "An Irish Attic" is that it made me kick myself for all the things I've thrown away over the years that I now know how to easily reuse." Cindy - child-care worker

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You'll get all this and more with the "An Irish Attic" blog! Click on over to "An Irish Attic" blog.

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